Description: Jokes, puns, and humour. Not necessarily good jokes, per se, buy jokes none the less.
Description: Random complaints about the world we live in. Parody or serious? Maybe.
Location: Internet
Keywords: parody, complaints, life
Description: Alter Ego has left the chat.
Description: Not your typical stereotype. I'm a feminine male who is both CIS and trans at the same time. Just trying to navigate life my own way and have some fun while I am at it.
Keywords: trans, cis, feminine, male
About: I'm the guy everyone stereotypes as a CIS male, but is really a feminine male at heart. I have male anatomy, so I consider myself male, but am not your stereotypical male and don't think I should be one. I guess that technically makes me trans, but I hate labels, so I am just me and I happen to have a ding dong.
Description: Random life lessons that I chose to share with you.
Description: Ghost Writer
Description: Just for fun.

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